Breaking Down the 2015-16 Premier League Season

Tottenham Hotspur

Like every year, the temperature of excitement is getting higher on the 24th season of 2015-16 Premier League. As per the 17th June, 2015’s announcement of fixtures, the league has started on 8th August, 2015 and the final is scheduled to take place on 15th May 2016. Before moving on the preview of 2015-16 Premier League, let’s have a look on 2014-15 season where Chelsea occupied the place of defending champion and AFC Bournemouth, Norwich City and Watford came as three promoted teams.

This year the Premier League is gradually getting more viable when the optimal football voyage has already experienced some high profile arrivals and departures this season and till now more than £500 million has been already used up. If you look at a glance on the highlights of the 2015-16 Premier League, you will come to know that there are already three new managerial arrivals along with moving of big money from Liverpool and Manchester United. In such scenario, the role of top two Chelsea and Manchester City are relatively silent.

While these days only four or five clubs are in the run for the title, it is getting harder this time to predict who will ultimately lift the Premier League Champion’s trophy on coming May 2016 but according to online bookmaker bet365, Chelsea is in the driver’s seat. When Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea has lots of chances, the other three top teams Manchester City, Arsenal and Manchester United of 2014-15 are not also lagging behind in the run. Now the question is- who will be ultimately crowned as the champions of England for the season 2015-16?

Let’s have a look on the preview on all 20 teams of the Premier League for this season.

Title Winners

Mostly the best option is Chelsea as they unbeatable in defence till now and unparalleled in attack up to mid-January. Only Manchester United and Arsenal can give a closer and stronger challenge to Chelsea this season, but unfortunately, both of them lack the defensive quality of the champion.


Stepping forward from the last year, all three promoted clubs may thrive this year. Still in the probable relegated lists there are Norwich, Leicester andWatford. But still it is hard to pick the possible three names from about 10 potential candidates. But if Christian Benteke will not replaced by an equally talented player, there is also chances for Aston Villa.

Player of the Season

The leading centre forward of Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney may be a contestant for the player of the season along with Sergio Agüero and Eden Hazard due to the best players from the best teams.

Season’s Surprise

Due to the fixture list, there are lots of chances for glory on behalf of Bournemouth as in the first four home matches, they have to play against Aston Villa, Leicester, Sunderland and Watford which makes the opportunity to remain in the top of the boards.

Signing for this Season

Not necessary that every time Matteo Darmian draws same attention but as long as he serves a serious ting-term necessity at Manchester United, there is no rival.

Younger Player of this Season

It seems to be Aleksandar Mitrovic as he may be the cause of regular headache for all defenders.